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İstanbul Finans Kongresi 2013


Finance has an ever increasing importance and effect on the global and national economic, technological and social dynamics of the human beings. It consists of many happennings that come to the front and lay at the focal lines of many academic works and the real life applications. Obviously, this is due to the fact that the deterministic role of the financial decisions and implementations is large on every ground in relation with the economic growth and development, maintenance and growth of national and individual welfare levels, and the efficient and productive operation of the organizations, all under the restriction of available resources against their objectives.

The "International Istanbul Finance Congress - 2013" is envisaged in this context, as the third one in sequel, to take place in Istanbul which is a city moving ahead to become a prominent finance center of the world. The aim of the Congress is to offer a platform for the presentation of the financial studies in a wide spectrum from the model based analyses and propositions to the actions, executions and performance evaluations. In order to reflect this in a characterizing expression for the meeting, the main theme of the Congress is determined as " Financial Optimals, Perceptions and Policies' with a thrust that not only the academics but also the bureaucrats, technocrats and the experts will join together in the congregation and share their research results and experiences.

Kadir Has University Cibali Campus has a nice location on the Golden Horn at the center of the city of Istanbul. The Congress will be held on this Campus for two days to accommodate invited talks, panel discussions, and contributed papers in parallel sessions.

The main subjects for presentations, which may be in Turkish or English, are specified as financial modeling and data analysis, financing of innovative social and public projects, financial models at sectoral-organizational-individulal levels, financial markets and regulations, international finance and financial crisis, national and international fiscal and monetary policies, financial risk management and behavioral finance. The scientific board of the Congress will review all the summitted papers for acceptance to the contributed paper sessions. The papers that are accepted for presentation will be included in the Congress proceedings in the CD environment. Authors of the presented papers may submit their manuscripts to the Congress Journals (see the Congress Journals part of the web page) through the usual submission and reviewing procedures they apply.

We will be very happy to see you among us at IIFC2013.

Prof. Dr. Osman Zaim
Dean of the Faculty of Economics Administrative and Social Sciences
Kadir Has University

Professional Congress Organiser

Ferahnaz Türköz 
turkoz@interium.com.tr - www.iifc2013.org

  • Web Adresi: iifc2013.org