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Dear EFCA members, our colleagues from all around Europe,

On behalf of the European Federation of Consulting Engineering Associations (EFCA), it is my pleasure to invite you to join us in İstanbul for the Annual EFCA Conference on 4th - 5th June 2020.

2020 is also the 40th anniversary of Association of Turkish Consulting Engineers and Architects (ATCEA), that we will be very pleased to celebrate with our European Colleagues in the amazingly mystical ambiance of İstanbul.

The theme of this year’s conference is; “Be Prepared for Change ! ”, Professionals in a Changing Engineering Consultancy Workplace. We have assembled a diverse panel of highly knowledgeable speakers who will explore the changes and challenges we all begin to face and have to adopt to survive in the incredibly volatile environment of the new global market. We will also have the chance to discuss over panels how the change in work environments, human resources profile, financing models and clients may evolve in near future. How Consulting Engineering as a major player of the construction industry, may lead the industry? Are we doing any or enough R&D to be in the position to initiate the change? Do we have the required human resources to manage the change and is the higher education system changing itself to provide the sector with engineers and architects who can be visionaries for their companies? These and much more to discuss in İstanbul, feel free to propose topics to discuss and write to us at tmmmb@tmmmb.org.tr.

In the meantime, we are getting ready to dazzle you and your partners once more during this short stay in İstanbul for the second time, since the last Conference in 2004. You will have the chance to experience the magical parts of the old Byzantine and Ottoman old capital, as well as the modern İstanbul city and truly beautiful atmosphere of the Bosporus. There will be very attractive side programs that your partners, spouses will surely enjoy while we the engineers and architects indulge ourselves to the issues of our Federation and the problems of the Consulting Business. The CEO lunch will be a very valuable event for strengthening existing friendships and enhancing our networks for future collaborations.

Do not miss this very special event and celebrate with us the 40th anniversary of ATCEA in İstanbul in a memorable Gala night along the Bosporus in a magical historical palace. We are looking forward to meeting you at the crossroads of the West and East.

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