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49th Apimondia Congress

It is with great pleasure that on behalf of the Scandinavian beekeepers we can invite you to participate in the 49th APIMONDIA Congress in Copenhagen September 2025. We are eager to present you to our beekeeping, countries and culture.
The congress will be organized jointly by the beekeeper associations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark: Sveriges Biodlares Riksförbund, Norges Birøkterlag and Danmarks Biavlerforening.
There are so many things dividing us people in the world today - and there are so few precious things bringing us together. Beekeeping and our common love for the bees and their world is one of them. It is so important for us to create a space in Copenhagen where people can meet and create bonds and friendships for life.
In short, we want to make this congress for the bees, beekeepers, scientists, the industry and for the people from all over the world who care about bees and honey and beekeeping.
Our visions for the congress are:
  • Showcasing pure apiary products!
  • Unity and knowledge sharing.
  • Together, we make the world bloom.
We will work hard to obtain this and to give you a unique experience in Scandinavia.
We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen 2025.

  • Web Adresi: apimondia2025.com