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47th APIMONDIA | Uluslararası Arıcılık Kongresi

Congress President

Dear friends!


Beekeepers in Russia have carefully passed on the traditions and experience of beekeeping from generation to generation. The Russian National Union of Beekeepers is the largest community of beekeepers and the successor of the Russian Society of Beekeepers with a 128-year history.


The names of Russian beekeeper scientists, such as A. Butlerov, I. Kablukov, N. Vitvitskiy, G. Kozhevnikov, A. Titov and many others who contributed to the development of world beekeeping are well known all over the world.

The main objectives of the Russian National Union of Beekeepers are to preserve bees - guarantors of development and prosperity of flora and fauna; to create conditions for creative approach to beekeeping and for production of high-quality honey by beekeepers - members of the Union. Russian National Union of Beekeepers takes an active part in all relevant events in the world.

The Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan traditionally provides special support to beekeeping. People in Bashkortostan are known for their particular hospitality, exceptional traditions, their love and knowledge in beekeeping and have the highest honey consumption rate in Russia.

It is not coincidence that Bashkortostan has come forward with an initiative to hold the 47th Apimondia Congress in Ufa. I am sure that each participant of the Congress will find something interesting and will have an opportunity to get to know the experience of the best beekeepers of not only Bashkortostan, but also of all Russian regions presented at ApiExpo 2022.

We will be glad to welcome you, dear colleagues!

President of the Russian
National Union of Beekeepers
A. Butov


Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Dear friends!


Following the glorious traditions of beekeeping in our republic, modern generations of beekeepers have been able to make Bashkir honey as the world-renowned brand identity of our region. Bashkortostan is a leader in Russia in production of commercial honey, by number of bee colonies, the beekeeping products processing and research activities in this area.


Bashkir honey and unique products based on it win numerous awards of major international and national exhibitions annually. Bashkir honey is highly valued in many regions of Russia and abroad.

In 1971, the International Apimondia Congress was held in Moscow and all participants retained the warmest memories of it. After 50 years, the Apimondia Congress is returning to Russia again and will be held in the honey capital of the country - the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Having visited our land, you will not remain indifferent to the hospitality of its multinational people and to our splendid nature. You will be able to visit the unique Bee Reserve where the old beekeeping traditions and the wild bee population are carefully preserved.

Bashkortostan is waiting and will be glad to welcome all the guests of the 47th International Apimondia Congress and the ApiExpo Exhibition in 2022.

Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan
R. Khabirov

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